Sudan’s Prime Minister Hamdock Officially Arrested


October 25/ 2021 (ENA)  The Prime Minister of Sudan Abdallah Hamdok officially arrested and has been taken to an unknown location.

He sent out a message that the opposition protest in a peaceful manner.

Most of the civil ministers and members of the party have also been arrested. There is no official notice from the Sudan military.

According to sources approached by the Ethiopian News Agency. Internet and phones have stopped working, bridges have also been closed by the military.

In addition, the soldiers have surrounded the Sudanes TV headquarters.

The civil party are distributing a message that everyone goes out and protests and people are going out to protest, the sources indicated.

There were reports of dispute among members of Sudan's ruling Sovereign Council which is leading the transitional government of Sudan.

The Council is composed of five civilians chosen by the Forces of Freedom and Change alliance (FFC), five military representatives chosen by the Transitional Military Council (TMC), and a civilian selected by agreement between the FFC and TMC.

Ethiopian News Agency