TPLF Proves Its Hostility By Inhuman Acts on Tigrayans, Neighboring Regions


Addis Ababa, October 23,2021 (ENA) Tigray Prosperity Party (TPP) said the terrorist TPLF has proved to be the enemy of the whole country through its inhumane acts on the people in Tigray and the neighboring regional states.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Tigray Prosperity Party Public Relations Head Getachew Niguse said, the people of Tigray are being held hostage by the terrorist TPLF and facing extreme suffering.

He pointed out that young people are being forced into a useless war while mothers and children were suffering from lack of  neccessary supports.

"It is well known that the sacrifice being paid by Tigrayans are just for the benefits of   few individuals," he said.

Getachew also stated the people of Tigray are being subjected to continuous torture and ill-treatment due to lack of options.

“They (TPLF) were  intensively preventing the youths from working, interacting, and learning. They did this because they wanted the youths to be their guardian and servant. This is a reality,” he added.

Getachew said the terrorist TPLF pretends that it has been the guardian of the people of Tigray for 47 years. But, he said, the reality is the opposit.

The terrorist TPLF is proving its enmity to the whole of Ethiopia including Tigrayans he said urging the people of Tigray to stand together in order to eliminate the terrorist group once and for all.

“Apart from the people of Tigray, the TPLF is committing atrocities against our people in Amhara and Afar regions. It is affecting various people by claiming that taking revenge measures on Amhara elite. It is killing farmers and pastoralists in Afar. The Ethiopian people as a whole, should do about it as this organization is created deceitfully and operates falsely. This is an organization that has proven to be a real enemy of the people and the country.”

The TPLF terrorist group has created havoc in various places to prevent the people from development and living a peaceful life in Tigray and across the region, he sated.

"This is a national threat. The youths in Tigray must realize the reality and get rid of this group once and for all, and stand by the government and pave the way for future constructive endevours."

The people of Tigray are in dire situation, he said adding that everyone should help them in any way possible.

He also called on the government to swiftly conclude the war by destroying this dangerous group in order to fully engage the nation in development activities.

Ethiopian News Agency