Tigray Contending Party Urges Int'l Community to Help Bring TPLF to Justice


October 20 /2021 (ENA) The international community must help to bring the TPLF terrorist group to justice, Tigray Democratic Party (TDP) Public Relations Head said.

In exclusive interview with ENA, TDP Public Relations Head Muluberhan Haile said the TPLF is not only deceiving the people of Tigray but also the whole world.

As usual the TPLF is widely engaged in fabricating false information and confusing the world, he noted.

It is to be recalled that the terrorist group cheated the international community by claiming that its victorious fighters would enter the capital city Addis Ababa in 20 days.

According to Muluberhan, the group is misinforming the people of Tigray to cover up the oppression and suffering and to create the illusion that there is no earthly force that can defeat it.

“The leaders of this organization are a bunch of liars. What the international community needs to understand is that it is the TPLF that dragged Ethiopia into war.”

As a result, the northern part of the country has paid high price, and it is still paying. The people of Tigray in particular are in dire situation, the PR head added.

The source of all this crisis and the attempt to disintegrate the country was prompted by the attack on the Northern Command, he stated, adding that the TPLF is the only terrorist group responsible for this.

Therefore, for the sake of the people of Tigray and all Ethiopians, the international community must help to bring this terrorist group to justice, Muluberhan stressed.

“The international community does not care about the people of Tigray and our country Ethiopia. If they care and think seriously, they could easily understand that it is a criminal enterprise.”  

Instead of assessing the situation comprehensively, however, the international community is supporting the terrorist group that causes sufferings on Ethiopians, the head elaborated.

TPLF is still engaged in widespread misinformation and deception to avoid accountability, Muluberhan  said, adding that the people of Tigray must understand this and work for peace.

The truth on the ground is different from the propaganda they spread and the government must make the youth in Tigray aware of the dirty tricks of TPLF.

The terrorist group TPLF is working to disintegrate the country, kill innocent civilians and is responsible for the devastation in Afar, Amhara, and Tigray regions.

“Realizing this, the international community must sanction the terrorist group and stand alongside the Ethiopian people. They must support the new government,” the PR head underscored.

Muluberhan finally urged all Ethiopians to unite and overcome the challenges that emanate from the greedy group that cannot survive without war.

Ethiopian News Agency