Terrorist TPLF Massacres about 30 Civilians in Wuchalie, Chifra Using Artilleries


Addis Ababa,  October 18/2021 /ENA/ The terrorist TPLF has massacred about 30 civilians using artilleries in its latest attacks launched on Wuchalie town of south Wollo Zone Amhara region and Chifra woreda in Afra regional state.

The terrorist TPLF has been committing large-scale atrocities in Amhara and Afar regional states following the withdrawal of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces from Mekele as result of the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire declared by the government.

Briefing the media today, Minister of Government Communication Service, Legesse Tulu said recently, the terrorist group has launched massive attacks in various fronts especially in  Wuchalie town and Chifra woreda located in Amhara and Afar regional states respectively.

According to the Minister, the attacks mainly launched in the stated areas by using humanwave including, children and elders as canon fodders.

In its latest attack, the terrorist group killed about 30 innocent civilians using artilleries from 20 and 30 kilometers in Wuchlie town of Amhara region and Chifra in Afar regional state, the Minister stated.

The minister urged all the residents living around South Wollo of Amhara region and Chifra areas of Afar to defend their areas from the destruction of the terrorist group alongside the security forces as its ultimate target is to dismantle Ethiopia.

According to the minister, the immediate target of the terrorist group is looting properties and destruction of public institutions wherever they arrive.

In his message to all Ethiopians, the minister said since the ultimate goal of the terrorist group and its evil allies is mainly to dismantling Ethiopia, everyone has to exert its respective contribution in the effort to defend the unity, sovereignty  and territorial integrity of the nation at all costs.

Ethiopian News Agency