Arab League Can Draw Economic Benefits by Strengthening Relations with Ethiopia: Researcher Should Tighten Relations for Mutual Economic Benefits: Researcher


Addis Ababa, October 16/2021(ENA) Arab League member countries could receive economic benefits by strengthening their relationship with Ethiopia and exploring investment opportunities across the country, the prominent researcher Professor Adam Kamil said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, the researcher identified vital areas of cooperation that could be exploited in Ethiopia for mutual economic benefits.

Professor Adam, who is known for his research works on Ethiopia and the Arab League member states, recommended that exploring the investment potential in Ethiopia and strengthening the economic and diplomatic ties will mutually benefit all the countries.

The professor believes that agriculture, trade and tourism are areas favorable to investment in Ethiopia for investors from the Arab countries.

According to him, several factors could help strengthen relations and facilitate economic cooperation.

The researcher further pointed out that geographical location, early civilizations, border proximity, religious beliefs and popular ties before and after the entry of Islam to Abyssinia can play key role.

Ethiopia is the closest and best destination to many Arab countries and is bestowed with attractive climatic zones and huge swaths of fertile land favorable to agriculture, Professor Adam elaborated.

The researcher pointed out that the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will increase the electric supply in the country and activates development projects with abundant power supply to build the major sectors.

The electric power surplus in Ethiopia upon the completion of the dam will have direct ripple effect on increasing foreign currency, accelerating development and prosperity in the country, he noted.

The flagship dam will also benefit Sudan and Egypt in terms of affordable electric supply, reducing sediment deposition and flooding risks downstream, the professor added.   

By charting the way forward to these unexplored economic opportunities, the longstanding unproductive Ethio-Arab relation requires quick reactivation, he stressed.

The researcher further proposed that the Ethiopian-Arab relations be developed in a way that benefits all parties by establishing joint investment projects, identifying tourism and investment opportunities, among others.

The Arab League has 22 member countries.

Ethiopian News Agency