“We Shall Reverse the Attacks Being Carried out by Terrorist TPLF” Ministry of National Defense


Addis Ababa, October 15,2021 (ENA) “We shall reverse the attacks being carried out by terrorist TPLF” Ministry of National Defense  

A Statement issued by the Ministry of National Defense Force of Ethiopia

As the result of the law enforcement measures taken by the Ethiopian National Defense forces, following the group’s heinous attack carried out on the Northern Command of the National Defense Forces, terrorist TPLF army has been destroyed and its remnants confined to caves across the region.

Over the last several months, the government was heavily engaged in restoring peace and stability in the region while rehabilitation activities have been conducted in Tigray region for 8 months. However, terrorist TPLF forces escalated the crisis in the region by sneaking out of their caves hurdling misinformation and accusations on the government and the National Defense Forces.

The government of Ethiopia had declared unilateral ceasefire and consequently withdrew the National Defense Force from Tigray Region in view of preventing further humanitarian crisis in the region and to facilitate farming activities for farmers in the region during the rainy season to avert food insecurity challenges that might occur over the next year.

However, instead of reciprocating to the measures taken by the government, the Terrorist TPLF continued with its provocative acts by expanding its military movements to Amhara and Afar regions worsening the crisis in to these regions.   

The group has demolished and looted infrastructures in Amhara and Afar Regions.  It has killed innocent civilians, set fire on their houses and looted crops, livestock and vandalized their farmlands destroying crops ready for harvest.  

The terrorist group had conducted recurrent attacks to disrupt Addis Ababa – Djibouti railway and road network and attacked Wolqayit Tsegede  in a bid to  forcefully open a corridor to Sudan. It had also carried out repeated attacks on North Wollo Zone of Amhara region with the objective of heading forwards to  take control of Addis Ababa within two weeks.  However, the National Defense Force of the country had successfully foiled all these destructive attempts by inflicting huge lose on the enemy.  

In the war declared by one of the leaders of the group, Lieutenant General Tsadkan three days ago he said “we will shorten the time frame of the war and arrive in Addis Ababa within two weeks. We shall change the political, military and diplomatic situations.” He announced that it has launched attacks on all fronts.  Nevertheless, the group has now been extensively crashed by the National Defense and other security forces.  Reinforcing the statement made by General Tsadkan  the leader of the terrorist TPLF, Debretsion Gebremichael has also announced his  plan bragging “ we will ensure our peace by burying Ethiopians like their fathers”. They have opened offensives in all fronts starting from last Monday though they have been utterly defeated.  

The National defense Force is incurring an enormous loss against the enemy by continuously repelling TPLF’s attack and destroying the enemy in order to fulfill its historical responsibility of protecting the national security and sovereignty of Ethiopia.

Ethiopian News Agency