A Historical Betrayal & Prejudice on Ethiopia


Staff Writer

After 86 years of its membership in the League of Nations and now a full member of the UN, Ethiopia, a country which has contributed her part in founding the two global organizations is now facing another round of betrayal by the global organization allowing history to repeat itself.

In 1936, forty years after its defeat at the Battle of Adwa Fascist Italy, one of the four permanent members of the League of Nations attacked Ethiopia in revenge for the humiliating defeat it has suffered in the hands of Ethiopia’s ill equipped forces composed of young peasant forces.

Speaking from the podium of the League of Nations, Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, the only member of the League from Africa appealed to the gathering of the members of the League as follows.

“There is no precedent for a Head of State himself speaking in this assembly. But there is also no precedent for a people being victim of such injustice and being at present threatened by abandonment to its aggressor. Also, there has never before been an example of any Government proceeding to the systematic extermination of a nation by barbarous means, in violation of the most solemn promises made by the nations of the earth that there should not be used against innocent human beings the terrible poison of harmful gases. It is to defend a people struggling for its age-old independence that the head of the Ethiopian Empire has come to Geneva to fulfil this supreme duty, after having himself fought at the head of his armies.”

Over the last 10 months, the people of Ethiopia and the government are engaged in a legitimate struggle to ascertain the nation’s sovereignty and territorial integrity as its natural rights envisaged in the Charter of the United Nations and other international laws and conventions.

The UN and its agencies are well informed of the fact that terrorist TPLF conducted a planned attack on the army headquarters of the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Forces on the midnight of November 4 massacring hundreds of as part of its well documented plan to dismember and destroy Ethiopia and establish its own de-facto state. Ethiopia had to defend itself against such attack that was conducted in gross violation of the laws of the country and international law.

While the UN and the major western powers and their allies never cared about the wanton attack on Ethiopian Defense Forces, they immediately mobilized their media outlets in fomenting a conspiracy theory in which they tried to depict that Ethiopian Defense Forces had attacked the so called Special Forces of Tigray when in reality terrorist TPLF was the culprit.

In less than a year, and in the most unusual manner, the UNSC conducted 10 special sessions on the situation in Ethiopia and Tigray Region, with no regard to Ethiopia’s right to resolve its challenges and in an unprecedented interference into the internal affairs of the country in violation of the UN Charter and relevant international laws and treaties. History repeated itself as the UN was busy heeding to the false propaganda and misinformation by terrorist TPLF and western commercial media while totally ignoring the efforts underway by the Government of Ethiopia in providing relief and rehabilitation support to citizens in Tigray and other areas affected by terrorist TPLF induced war of irredentism into the neighboring regions of Amhara and Afar.

The UN repeatedly  called for a ceasefire and the Ethiopian government withdrew the defense forces of the country from Tigray to give way for peaceful farming season for farmers in the region but terrorist TPLF used the situation to farther escalated the conflict by attacking villages and districts in Amhara and Tigray region under the deep silence and nonchalance from the UNSC which failed to condemn the atrocities of this terrorist organization and even tried to uplift it to equal footing with a sovereign state of Ethiopia.

The UNSC became a pawn in the hands of western and terrorist TPLF propaganda war busing itself with issues that are entirely out of its mandate. While the truth is visible and some of it was actually confirmed by terrorist TPLF itself the UNSC repeatedly tried to incriminate the government of Ethiopia for blocking the supply of relief aid to Tigray never mentioning the daylight fact that terrorist TPLF was looting USAID and UNICEF warehouses to feed its rag tag armed forces.

The UN Secretary General, Antonio Gutierrez recently expressed that he is shocked upon hearing that Ethiopia had expelled 7 of its senior management staff in Ethiopia for meddling into the internal affairs of Ethiopia, for providing logistics support for terrorist TPLF and for engaging into a wide range of misinformation on the government of Ethiopia.

However, the secretary General has never condemned to date the massacre perpetrated by terrorist TPLF on children, women, religious leaders and the elderly at Maikadra, Kobo, Mersa, Agamsa Galikoma, Humera and other districts in Amhara Region.

In gross miscarriage of justice by the most reputed global organization, Ethiopians were left to be killed by the bandits of terrorist TPLF as if their lives never matter. The UNSC however gave itself the power to call a meeting on the declaration of persona non grata of its officials by the Ethiopian government because they acted in violation of the agreements they entered with the Ethiopian government and for breaking the laws of the country.

The UNSC has therefore once more betrayed Ethiopia and came to a diplomatic and propaganda support in untold partiality to the western powers, terrorist TPLF and the commercial propaganda machinery of the media in the west.

By trying to base their decisions on the fake news and propaganda barrage of terrorist TPLF, the UN is heading towards violating the sovereignty of Ethiopia but is also causing the escalation of war in the Horn of Africa by utterly failing to keep up to its mandates of ensuring the security of member states like Ethiopia.

Ethiopian News Agency