Former European Union MP Warns UNGS That TPLF is Dangerous Criminal, Liars


Addis Ababa October 10/2021 (ENA) Anna Gomez, who was a member of the European Union Parliament for more than a decade, warned the United Nations that TPLF is dangerous band of criminal oppressors and liars.

The former EU Member of Parliament made the remark in her message she forwarded to the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres and the UN Relief Chief.

Anna Gomez was the European Union's chief observer for Ethiopia's national elections held in 2005.

The 2005 election had deteriorated the democratic space in Ethiopia by worsening the suppression of political rights including freedom of expression due to measures taken by the TPLF dominated government to reverse the results of the election.

As Chief observer of the EU, Anna Gomez publicly declared the election was rigged by the ruling party with several irregularities.

Hence, the general public in Ethiopia was forced to protest against the illegal actions and human right violations.  

As a result of this, according to reports, all of the opposition political party leaders were arrested; a number of private media outlets had also been closed as well as the activities of civil society organizations was made drastically limited by the then regime.

The former EU MP had witnessed all these atrocities committed by the TPLF dominated regime in the country.

She told the UNGS Antonio Guterres and the UN Relief Chief that members of the TPLF are the most dangerous and oppressors.   

Anna Gomez twitted that “ One thing I know for having direct experience since I led the 2005 EUEOM - TPLF are a dangerous band of criminal oppressors and liars.”

It is to be recalled that the staffs of UN and other humanitarian organizations are confirmed to have been supporting the terrorist TPLF in various ways by violating international humanitarian aid principles and disrespecting the sovereign rights of Ethiopia.

Accordingly, the government of Ethiopia expelled seven staffs of the UN for supporting the TPLF including diversion of humanitarian assistance to the group, by breaching international principles of humanitarian operations.

However, the UN is pushing on Ethiopia to reverse its decision without trying to investigate the matter appropriately.  

Like Gomez several others have also been calling the UN to realize the fact that TPLF is a group of gangs well experienced with the ability to manipulating others including the international community by orchestrating false information and disinformation.

For instance the popular Tigrayan journalist Hermela Aregawi, who works for CBS news network in Los Angeles, recently, expressed her concern that TPLF is still diverting humanitarian aid and logistics to support Tigrayan fighters, instead of prioritizing non-combatant Tigrayan civilians who are starving.

A number of observers have also been warning that TPLF is repeating its 1980s strategy of using starvation of Tigrayans as a political weapon.

Ethiopian News Agency