Promised Nat'l Dialogue Would Promote Unity, End Hostilities among Ethiopians: Residents

Addis Ababa October 6/2021 (ENA) All-inclusive national dialogue would stop hostilities that have been fomented by the terrorist TPLF group and promote unity among Ethiopians, according to some residents of Addis Ababa.

In the speech he made upon his appointment, Prime Minister Abiy promised that his government will hold all-inclusive national dialogue encompassing political elites and all sections of the society in the country.

Residents in Addis Ababa told ENA that they welcome the idea to hold all encompassing  national dialogue which enhances reconciliation as it promotes peace and unity.

One of the residents, Mesfin Kebede said the national dialogue would end the unrests and instability in the country.

“I think the national dialogue for reconciliation is critical to the country to end hatred among Ethiopians and replace hostilities with forgiveness. We need to pass to the coming generation a harmonious country where people resolve differences through dialogue,” he added.

Mesfin stated that the national dialogue will further promote the unity and integrity of Ethiopia by eliminating  ethnic related violence in the country.

According to him, ethnocentric politics will not bring anything useful for Ethiopians. It has instead brought about widespread challenges.

Abere Alebachew said on his part holding all-inclusive national dialogue would create national consensus among groups of divergent interests.

National consensus among the Ethiopian people on the other hand will bring sustainable peace and stability that help to attain development and prosperity in the country.

“All-inclusive national dialogue is of paramount importance to realize the ongoing journey towards prosperity. I believe that Ethiopians could attain prosperity, ensure peace and  democracy by working together,” Abere noted.

The other resident, Hailu Tadesse said national dialogue among Ethiopians would enable them to deal with issues of divergent interests and reach consensus thus strengthening Ethiopian nationalism and unity.

He further noted that national dialogue would institutionalize the reform the new government is going to introduce during its tenure time.

Institutionalizing reforms would bring lasting solution for the existing challenges that Ethiopia is currently facing, the resident stated.

Hailu said, “I think the existing challenges, including unemployment, inflation, unrest, and displacement of people could be solved by establishing strong institutions led by professionals. Institutionalization would bring solutions to the many challenges the country could face in the long run.”

He also stressed that the new government needs the support of the public to realize its projects, including the holding of all-inclusive national dialogue that bring healing and reconciliation.

Ethiopian News Agency