New Gov’t Urged to Closely Work with Int’l Organizations and Expose Undue Foreign Pressure


Addis Ababa, September 29/2021(ENA) The new government needs to closely work with international organizations and expose undue external pressure by foreign powers to the international community, researchers said.

Institute of Strategic Affairs Senior Researcher, Mohammed Seid told ENA that the new government should work hard to stop foreign interference in the domestic affairs of Ethiopia and against the sovereignty of Ethiopia.

The motive behind the undue pressure, including sanction, is to meet their geopolitical interests  with respect to Nile waters and other issues in the region, he said.  

The new government should expose this unfair meddling of some foreign powers to the international community by closely working with regional and international bodies and  convince the international community about the undue pressure of the foreign powers and interference in internal affairs of Ethiopia.

According to him, “this is against the sovereignty of the country. So this has to be averted by any means and the government should work hard on this issue in collaboration with regional and international organizations like AU, IGAD, and UN by showing the reality in the ground. By doing so we can avert the external pressure, especially from the United States of America.”

Besides working in cooperation with the international community, the government should invite independent investigators to look into the atrocities committed by the terrorist TPLF group.

The senior researcher stated that the people of Ethiopia also expect the new government to ensure peace, security, economic and social development in the county.

Institute of Strategic Affairs Researcher, Tesfaye Bezabeh said on his part that the intention of some of the external powers is to bring to power a puppet government by disrupting the democratic process in Ethiopia.

However, interfering in the domestic affairs of the country and disrupting the democratic process is not acceptable, he added.

The researcher noted that the sanction imposed on Ethiopia so far is irrational and illogical.  “Any kind of sanction may hurt Ethiopia. But we need to keep our democratic process and sovereignty above everything, ” Tesfaye stressed.

The international community needs to be aware that Ethiopia is entertaining democracy and trying to solve its domestic problems by itself and domestic problems need to be solved by locally, not by foreign interventionists.

He stated that the 6th General Election has laid foundation for Ethiopians to begin a democratic era which culminates by the formation of a new government.  

Ethiopian News Agency