EHRC Receives Reports of Deliberate Attacks on Civilians in Kobo Town, Surrounding by Terrorist TPLF


Addis Ababa September 19/20221 (ENA) The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) disclosed that it is alarmed by disturbing reports it is receiving about the deliberate attacks against civilians in Kobo town and surrounding rural towns by TPLF.

The Commission said that the deliberate attacks by TPLF include shelling on civilian areas, house to house search and killings, looting and destruction of civilian infrastructures.

It is to be recalled that the terrorist TPLF has been conducted similar massacres in Maikadra, Agamsa and Cheena in Amhara region, as well as in Galikoma in Afar region.

However, according to sources, pertinent international organizations and media outlets have not been exerting the necessary efforts to expose these atrocities and condemn the perpetrators.   

Ethiopian News Agency