PM Abiy Ahmed Arrives in Maytebri


Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) Abiy Ahmed has arrived in Maytebri, northern Ethiopia to celebrate the New Year with the army.

ENDF Chief of Staff, General Birhanu Jula and Deputy Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Abebaw Tadesse among others are also attending the New Year celebration with Premier Abiy today.

Celebrating the New Year with ENDF-Western Command in Maytebri front, Abiy said the heroism of the army has made Ethiopians proud  and shocked the enemy.

Members of the ENDF vowed to secure peace and stability in Ethiopia in the New Year by accomplishing their mission with higher commitment, it was indicated.

Accordingly, taking the great support of the people as huge inspiration, ENDF is ready for more victories in the New Year.

Ethiopians across the nation and beyond are marking the first day of the New Year today, as the Ethiopian New Year, or Enkutatash in Amharic language, falls on September 11 (or September 12 during a leap year).

Ethiopian News Agency