Terrorist TPLF Spreading Contradictory False Information About Situation in Tigray: Minister of Peace


Addis Ababa, September 7/2021(ENA) The terrorist TPLF is spreading contradictory false information claiming that there are people who are dying of hunger, while it is mobilizing the people to prepare ample amount of food for its army and militia, Minister of Peace Muferiat Kamile said.

It is to be recalled that federal government had declared a Unilateral Humanitarian Ceasefire to create a smooth flow of aid to the people in Tigray.

However, the group has continued with its provocative acts by expanding its military movements in to the neighboring regions of Amhara and Afar.

Minister of Peace, Muferiat Kamil told journalist that earlier to the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire food and non-food items were distributed to 4.9 million people in Tigray region in three phases including medicines.  

When decision was made to effect the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire, food, medicines, fuel and other critical items were also stored in the region that can be used for about two months.

Even after the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire the government of Ethiopia continued to coordinate and deliver food and non-food items including fuel through six humanitarian partners who are operating in Tigray region, Muferiat said.   

The government has transported about 14,000 metric tons of food items and 4,000 metric tons non-food items apart from those transported through air to the Tigray region, she stated.

With such magnitude of food available in Tigray region, the possibility of hunger would be unlikely, she underlined.  

“Having this amount of food available in the region the possibility of  death due to hunger would be very less. There was false report few months a go made by one of UN organizations which stated that 150 people died of hunger. This report had immediately been disproved by USG. Similar trend is continuing, but still we need verification from those who are engaging in the operation,” she reiterated.  

Moreover, she stressed that the terrorist TPLF has been mobilizing the people in Tigray to prepare huge among food to its army and militia in the region, while complaining that there are people who are dying of hunger.

Muferiat stated that “We are seeing that people are mobilized to prepare ample amount of food for the army and militia of the group, while complaining that there are people who are dying of  hunger. This is contradictory.”

On other hand, she underscored that the terrorist TPLF has no moral to blame the federal government for blockage of humanitarian assistance as it is the one disrupting the smooth flow of humanitarian trucks in to the region.

“We know very well the very nature of TPLF. It uses starvation as instrument of war not the federal government. That is the inherent nature of TPLF. The back ground and history can tell this,” she stated.  

Furthermore, the government also transported more than 759,000 liters of fuel to the region.

Despite the efforts of the federal government to providing humanitarian assistance, the terrorist TPLF continued intrusion into Afar and Amhara regions as well as blockage of humanitarian corridors worsening the situation by impending the movement of humanitarian aid to the region.

Ethiopian News Agency