Oromia Chief Administrator Visits Wheat Cluster Farming Activity in Arsi zone


Addis Ababa Sebtember 5/2021 (ENA) The Chief Administrator of Oromia Region, Shimelis Abdisa today visited wheat cluster farming activities being underway in Hexosa woreda, Arsi zone of the Oromia region.

The chief administrator conducted the visit accompanied by federal and regional government officials.

Cluster farming is considered as one of the way by which nations will enhance productivity as the system provides small scale farmer located adjacent to one another to work together in order to produce similar crops in large quantities.

The system also facilitates the supply of specific fertilizers conducive for agro-ecology and enhanced technical support including vital machineries to harvest crops.

It was indicated that the introduction of cluster farming in Arsi Zone, has been helping farmers to increase harvest and boost food security.

The region has been working to expand the cluster farming to help the national efforts underway to ensuring food security in the country by increasing product diversities and productivity.

Accordingly, the regional state planned to cultivate 6 million hectares of land in of which 3.2 million hectares have so far been cultivated through cluster farming.

Furthermore, the regional state has been providing the necessary farming inputs to farmers including fertilizer and seeds among other vital inputs.

Ethiopian News Agency