New Cases of COVID-19 Alarmingly Increasing in Ethiopia


Addis Ababa, August 31/2021(ENA)New cases of COVID-19 pandemic, has alarmingly been reported in Ethiopia over past few weeks, according to the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI).

In briefing journalists today EPHI Director-General, Dr. Tsigereda Kifle said there is risk of third wave outbreak in Ethiopia.

The Director has also urged the public to take stringent protection against the recently increasing COVID-19 pandemic.

The prevalence new COVID-19 infection that was 1.6 percent on average 6 weeks ago has now increased to 16.5 percent.

She added that the number of COVID-19 positive people seeking intensive care has increased from 180 to 602 over the last 7 months while the number of people who required mechanical ventilator rose from 11 out of 180 to 82.

Moreover, the number of new cases that had been 487 some 7 months ago has currently increased to 10,058 this week, she pointed out.

Thus, the Director General urged the public to take all the necessary preventive methods and avoid mass gatherings, especially during the Ethiopian New Year. 

Speaking of the third wave (Delta Variant Circulation), Dr. Tsigereda stated that there are indicators but cannot be confirmed due to the absence of the required reagents.

She added that for confirmation of Delta Variant Circulation, samples have already been sent to other countries this week.

Ethiopian News Agency