Ethio-Telecom Launches New Technology to Reach 80 Mln Customers


August 29, 2021 (ENA) Ethio-Telecom has launched a new technology that has a capacity to accommodate 80 million customers across the country.

The new technology that consumed 43 million USD has begun operation after tested at all levels, it was indicated.

Ethio-Telecom Chief Information Officer, Endale  Asrat said during the occasion that the new technology, dubbed as New Generation Business Support System (NGBSS), will help to modernize the data system and improve the quality of service delivery.

The technology has been developed with a view to make the company strong competitive by tackling lack of infrastructure, enhancing digital transformation and improving quality of services, he added.

Ethio Telecom CEO Frehiwot Tamiru acknowledged the employees of the company who participated in the implementation of the new technology at various levels and pointed out that effective work has been done.

Noting the technology is now a matter of existence said, adding “We have shown that it is possible to start and finish with the help of coordination and good leadership.”

Introducing this new technology will play a significant role in making Ethio- Telecom a leading and preferred service provider in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian News Agency