Ethio Telecom Plans to Earn 70 Billion Birr This Ethiopian Budget Year


Addis Ababa, August 19/2021( ENA) Ethio telecom announced that it plans to earn about 70 billion Birr this Ethiopian budget year by offering about 176 new and expanded local and international telecom service packages.

Briefing the media today, Ethio telecom CEO Frehiwot Tamiru said new technologies and additional features will be implemented to enhance customer experience, quality and accessibility of services to achieve the plan.

The company will work intensively to meet its plan by strengthening telecom infrastructures, service quality, flexibility and accessibility, she added.

The CEO stated that about 71 new 4G/LTE (fourth generation long-term evolution) advanced network infrastructures would be introduced to improve network availability as the data traffic growth and demand from customers for the 4G/LTE have been increasing.

Boosting and ensuring customer satisfaction will be the major focus area of the company in the process of achieving the plan, according to Frehiwot.

In this regard, Ethio telecom will launch and expand about 176 easy, simple and affordable telecommunication packages to meet the interest of customers.

According to her, the company also plans to increase the number of its customers from 56.2 million in the concluded budget year to 64 million.

Conflicts in some parts of the country, telecom fraud, inflation and gaps in foreign currency are the main challenges the company faces, the CEO said.

In the budget year, the company will work to prioritize digitalization, offer simplification on its services, empower customers to use Ethio Telecom as the first choice, and enhance after sales services loyalty program in accordance with its three years growth plan.

Ethiopian News Agency