Terrorist TPLF Carrying Out Atrocities on Eritrean Refugees in Tigray


Addis Ababa July 28/2021 (ENA) Eritrean refugees sheltered in Tigray region have been requesting for transfer to safer places as they are facing several abuses orchestrated by the terrorist TPLF group.

UN and the Government of the United States of America have now confirmed the atrocities being committed on the Eritrean refugees in Tigray.

Defying international immigration law, the terrorist group has been killing, robbing, raping  and abducting the refugees sheltered in various parts of the region.

Some of the refugees told ENA last week that the terrorist TPLF raped many female refugees and abducted children under the age of four.

The refugees have been appealing to the international community to help them relocate to  safer places, it is to be recalled.

A number of atrocities have been committed by the terrorist TPLF on Eritrean refugees in Tigray. The refugees cited instances of killing, abduction and robbery.

The United Nations and United States have now confirmed the atrocities being orchestrated on the Eritrean refugees in Tigray and are expressing their concern about the abuses.  

Particularly, the U.S. State Department spokeswoman, Jalina Porter called on Tuesday for the intimidation and attacks to stop.

"We are deeply concerned about credible reports of attacks by military forces affiliated with the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Tigrayan militias against Eritrean refugees in the Tigray region," she said.

The Government of Ethiopia had earlier tried to address the problem by urging the international community to give the appropriate attention to the matter.  

According to a recent press release issued by the Agency for Refugees & Returnees Affairs (ARRA), at least six refugees were reported killed, following the TPLF’s presence in the refugee hosting areas.

Stating that the situation of the refugees is deteriorating and continues to be a matter of grave concern, the statement further said: “In violation of the international humanitarian law, the rebels deployed heavy artilleries in the refugee camps, and there appears continuous militant activity and sporadic shootings.”

The agency also called on the international community to comprehend the situation of the Eritrean refugees in Mai-Aini and Adi-Harush camps, and find a lasting solution.

As to the location transfer, ARRA Director-General, Tesfahun Gobezay said the government is exerting efforts to relocate the refugees to Dabat town in Amhara Regional State.

However, the other pertinent actors are not working as they should Tesfahun stated.

“The government has been working hard to fulfill its obligation to ensure the safety of refugees, but humanitarian organizations were not providing the necessary services for the refugees as promised.”

The director-general noted that some of the international partners are very much engaged in other irrelevant activities on social media such as Twitter and Face-book instead of exerting efforts to fulfill their responsibilities by providing the necessary support and help the refugees as per their agreements.  

Ethiopian News Agency