Public, Ethiopian Diaspora Raised about 16 Billion Birr for GERD in Ethiopian Fiscal Year


Addis Ababa, July 10,2021 (ENA)  Ethiopians and the Ethiopian Diaspora have raised close to 16 billion Birr for the construction of GERD during the just ended Ethiopian fiscal year, Office of the National Council for Coordination of Public Participation on the GERD disclosed.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Office Director-General Aregawi Berhe said Ethiopians have been consolidating financial and diplomatic support for the dam.

He specifically stated that the contribution of the Ethiopian Diaspora in the construction of the dam has been steadily increasing. 

During the budget year alone, the Ethiopian Diaspora has contributed close to one million USD for the dam, Aregawi added.

Noting that the launching of the second round filling of the dam is good news for Ethiopians, he stressed that Ethiopians, both at home and abroad, need to work together in a coordinated manner to complete the construction of the dam.

The director-general also called on Ethiopians to work together to safeguard the country's interests beyond the dam.

“The people, both inside and outside the country, must work together to finalize this dam. The government is working to turn our country into a better place and all Ethiopians must strive for this.”

According to him, the council has created a network for Ethiopians to participate in an integrated manner.

The director-general also lauded the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) decision that the riparian countries should respect the African Union-led Grand Renaissance Dam negotiation.

In this regard, he recalled that Egypt and Sudan have been misleading the international community to prevent Ethiopia from receiving appropriate support.

Aregawi noted that the support of the Security Council for the AU-led negotiation is a diplomatic victory for Ethiopia and Africa.

Ethiopian News Agency