Ethiopia Registers Grand Diplomatic Success in UNSC on GERD Dispute: Ministry


Addis Ababa Junly 9/2021 (ENA) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said today that the diplomatic success registered at UN Security Council’s meeting on Thursday will lay an encouraging foundation for the AU –led negotiation on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

In his briefings to journalists today, Spokesperson of the Ministry, Ambassador Dina Mufti said the achievement made at the Council’s meeting would reinforce the African Union (AU) -led tripartite negotiation on GERD to resolve the dispute between the countries.

Dina stated that despite efforts made by Egypt and Sudan to take the issue of the dam to UNSC, the council has brought it back to the AU.

“This could be taken as a grand achievement for Ethiopia and the entire people of the country.”

It is to be recalled that U.N. Security Council members have supported African Union mediation efforts between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan on GERD.

Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy, Sileshi Bekele  during the meeting urged Egyptian and Sudanese to understand that a resolution to the Nile issue won't come from the Security Council; it can only come from good faith negotiations under the auspices of the AU with due care for the wellbeing and development of each other.

Ethiopian News Agency