Why is the West Silent on TPLF’s Deliberate Massacre of Innocent Citizens in Tigray?


By Solomon Dibaba

The withdrawal of the Ethiopian National Defense Force from Tigray region has vividly demonstrated the ethno-fascistic nature of TPLF which has now been reminiscent of the former Khmer Rouge regime who were led by Pol Pot, Nuon Chea, Ieng Sary, Son Sen, and Khieu in which millions deaths resulted from the regime's social polices of enslaving the people of Cambodia.

The TPLF is replicating the genocide that it conducted in Mai Kadra on its own people and honest citizens in Tigray, particularly focusing on public servants, professionals and renowned engineers in the region under the pretext of their service in the regional provisional government and their support for peace in the region. Youth in particular zones in the region, Enderta for instance are being subjected to mass torture and inhuman treatment. The terrorist TPLF has also been perpetrating attacks against civilians in Raya Azebo in Tigray.

However, the western government has chosen to remain indifferent to the proliferation of the reign of terror in the region. In all these circumstances, the so called human rights agencies including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch have refrained from exposing the atrocities and massacres that are under way after the withdrawal of the Ethiopian National Defense Force from Tigray.

While the real nature of TPLF is now open to daily light, the western countries have exhibited a double standard on the violation of human rights by TPLF on its own kith and Kin while they are daily broadcasting on human rights issues that are already being addressed by the government.

The western powers are shedding alligators tears on human rights violations in Tigray but they are indirectly encouraging terrorism and the ultimate proliferation of terrorist organizations that are already active in different parts of Africa, primarily North Africa.

While singlehandedly fighting against terrorist forces in Somalia and elsewhere, Ethiopia is being subjected to gross violation of justice and deliberate misrepresentation by the major power in the west based on false reports and deliberate biases by the representatives of international organizations.

The terrorist TPLF has in fact proved to be successful by convincing the major powers in the west through its deceptions and false newscasts which in most cases are preferably being quoted by the commercialized media of the western countries.

As the result of the above mentioned reasons, the group is now busy driving a wedge between the people of Tigray and the rest of Ethiopians in the other regions of the country. This fascist organization is promoting a spirit of animosity across the peoples in the entire country as a strategy to pave the way for reinstating and imposing their dictatorial and inhuman rule on the peoples of Ethiopia.

It also appears that the western countries are working on wining a stake on creating a total chaos and civil strife to come into the region as peace keepers while the possibility of regional conflict is indirectly being orchestrated by them through their deliberate propaganda war on the country.

It appears that the western democracies are indirectly fighting against the very democratic values and principles which they were advocating in their own countries but are stumbling political and economic blockade of the growth of nascent democracy which is sprouting in Ethiopia.

It is clear that the consequences of the atrocities that are being perpetrated by TPLF may not be limited to Ethiopia. Indeed TPLF is now militarily decapitated and is not in a position to become a threat to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country as stated by the military leaders of the Ethiopian National Defense Force. However, if allowed to enjoy the sympathy of some western countries and their media outlets, they could be emboldened to engage in similar atrocities they are now conducting in Tigray.  

Surprisingly enough, the group has recently tried to pause as advocate for national dialogue by presenting a 7 point issues they set as a foolish precondition which in fact depicts its amateurish and feeble approach to a national dialogue. Some of the so called preconditions are forwarded based on gross violation of the laws of Ethiopia and rude language uncommon in decency of legal and diplomatic language.

Some think that TPLF intends to create a de-facto state in Tigray and they may utter so but their real desire is to be provided with another round of tyrannical government in Ethiopia based on ethno-fascistic ideology with which they intend to kill the nascent democratic order in Ethiopia. This is indeed a day dream and a pie in the sky.

The Interim Administration of Tigray Region has also been calling on the United Nations, other aid Agencies and the international community to speak loud and condemn the evil and inhuman horror acts being conducted by TPLF in Tigray after the withdrawal of the Federal Security Forces.

However, even after several days of atrocity in Tigray, the western governments and media have kept deaf ear on this dangerous stance of the terrorists. .Whatever the case is Ethiopia is reportedly ready for genuine dialogue but will never succumb to a political dictat from any corner of the world.

Ethiopian News Agency