Nation Stores around 400,000 Quintals of Wheat in Tigray for Humanitarian Aid


Addis Ababa, July 1(ENA)The government has stockpiled around 400,000 quintals of food grains and nutritious food items for the Tigray Regional State at the Mekelle central warehouses, according to the National Risk Management Commission.

Speaking to ENA, National Risk Management Commissioner, Mitiku Kassa said that despite the government has declared a unilateral ceasefire in Tigray, enough emergency food has been stored in the region.

“Currently, we have around 400,000 quintals of wheat,  2.3 million liters (23,000 quintals) of edible oil and additional powder milk  in Mekelle warehouses,” he pointed out.

The government of Ethiopia is the major contributor of the humanitarian aid in the region he said adding that there are also five partners which are involved in the distribution of the food in that region.

Denouncing the allegation that  the Ethiopian government has left Tigray without humanitarian aid and emergency food supply, Mitiku indicated that the stated partners have sufficient resource to distribute across Tigray.

 The Ethiopian government has been  transporting  billion worth of  nutritious food items which cover 70 percent of the supply  to Tigray region since the law enforcement operation had began.

It is indicated that the government of Ethiopia has so far spent more than 100 billion Birr to the humanitarian activities in the region.

Ethiopian News Agency