Elected Gov’t Needs to Address Public Demands, Be Accountable and Transparent: Scholars


Addis Ababa June 30/2021 (ENA) The newly elected government needs to scientifically gather public opinions to deeply understand the needs and the interests of the people, Deputy Director-General of East African Policy Research Institute (EAPRI) said.

Speaking to ENA, EAPR Institute Deputy Director-General, Birhanu M. Lenjiso said theactive engagements of voters in the 6th General Election should be transferred to a message that has to be carried out with the newly elected government.

The newly elected government needs to gather public opinion in a scientific way to know and  address needs and demands of the people.

Noting that the election was peaceful with voters electing their representatives till midnight, Birhanu added that collecting  “ public opinion to deeply understand demands of the people is now the homework of the elected government.”

According to him, election is not an end by itself, the government elected will determine theoutcome of the election.

The new government must be a “good government” that understand the problems of the people, achieves its goal, and ensures the security of
the people.

The deputy director-general further stressed the importance of national consensus and national dialogue to deal with domestic problems, including conflicts and development related issues raised by the people.

“National dialogue among political parties having diverse interests that could be ethnic, economic or other interests needs to be conduct first. Building common national identity should then be worked on,” he elaborated.

Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia Executive Director, Obang Metho on his part reiterated that the newly elected government is expected to be transparent and accountable to the people of Ethiopia.

“The government we want needs to be legitimate, accountable and transparent to the people of Ethiopia, and it should address their demands,” he noted.

Constitutional amendment as well as institutional reforms, including revising the education system of the country, are also expected from the new government, the executive director said.

Obang condemned the ethnic federal structure of the country as the main problem that arises from ethnic related politics, and suggested geographic based federalism as a way-out of the country’s internal challenges.

Ethiopian News Agency