Nat'l Defense Force Rejects Deceptive Lies of TPLF

Addis Ababa June 24/2021 (ENA) The false claim by the terrorist group TPLF that it has controlled different places is far from the truth, according to the National Defense Force (ENDF).

Briefing the media today, ENDF Public Relations Director Colonel Getnet Adane recalled that there were security concerns inside and outside the country that aimed at disrupting the 6th General Election.

Thus, members of the defense force engaged in the law enforcement operation in Tigray region were redeployed to various parts of the country, he explained.

Accordingly, they had been deployed to central, eastern, western and southern parts of the country.

Moreover, the army moved to other areas so that farmers in Tigray can farm their lands undisturbed.

The remaining force in Tigray has been engaged in protecting infrastructure and undertaking other responsibilities, Colonel Getnet  elaborated.

Seizing this opportunity, the terrorist group has been celebrating along with the group’s militias who were in hiding by pretending they have gained victory, he explained.

In addition, the terrorist group has been spreading propaganda claiming that it controlled the areas which the defense force vacated for deployment to other areas, the director added.

The aim of the misinformation campaign is to divert the peaceful conclusion of the election, according to Colonel Getnet.

The terrorist group has been deploying drugged child soldiers using hashish and forced to fight in battles, he exposed.

The defense force is, however, doing its best to avoid harming children, the director added.

Colonel Getnet explained that the desperate terrorist group has been spreading false campaign because it wants the international community to help it negotiate with the government.

The terrorist group has from the outset been threatening to make the war between citizens and regional by firing rockets at the neighboring country Eritrea, he recalled.  

The director revealed that the defense force have taken measures on those who gathered to celebrate the so-called Martyr's Day on June 22, 2021.

The group which suffered losses is now sowing confusion among the people by claiming that civilians have been targeted, he stated.

Colonel Getnet underscored that the report that the terrorist group had captured troops and took control of the cities was also false.

The director called on the Ethiopian people to reject the misleading information propagated by the terrorist group and support the government's efforts to rehabilitate the region.

Ethiopian News Agency