Ethiopians Begin Voting for Federal, Regional Representatives


June 21/2021(ENA) Ethiopians across the nation have early in the morning begun voting for their representative at Federal Parliament and Regional Councils.

Some 46 political parties are contesting  in the 6th Ethiopian General Election in which more than 37.4 voters are expected to cast ballots.  

More than 9,000 candidates are running for the House of People's Representative and Regional Councils which is the highest number of candidates compared to the previous elections in Ethiopia, according to the Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE).

Some 45,000 domestic and 45 local civic society organizations as well as 120 international observers have also been monitoring the election process.

In today's election. the political parties and independent candidates are contesting for 445 seats at the House of People’s Representatives and competition for holding the remaining 64 seats will be held on 6th September 2021.  

Out of the total 547 seats in House of People’s Representatives, 509 candidates will grab the seats at the end of the two rounds the election.

The remaining 38 seats are left for representatives from Tigray region.

Ethiopian News Agency