Nation Engrossed in Intense Agricultural Activities: Agriculture Ministry

Addis Ababa June 16/2021 (ENA) Intensive agricultural activities are underway across the nation, according to Ministry of Agriculture.

Agriculture Extension Director-General Germame Girma told ENA that 13.5 million hectares of land is being prepared for cultivation during this rainy season.

Some 18 million quintals of fertilizer and about 1 million quintals of improved seeds are being distributed for the season, he added.

“No land should remain uncultivated!” is the motto leading the agricultural activities in the season, according to the director-general.

Germame also said produces which exceed that of last year by 30 million quintals are expected at the end of the season since the weather forecast looks good.

In total about 374.6 millions of quintals of crops are expected during 2013/14 harvesting season, exceeding from 30-40 million quintals when compared to last year.

Even if the government is tied with grand national projects and the general election as well as pocket security issues, it has given due attention to agricultural activities, it was pointed out.

Accordingly, close to 2 million hectares of land has been cultivated during the Belg season.

"Intense agricultural activities have been underway throughout the nation, except in Tigray and some parts of Benisahangul-Gumuz, where quiet good activities are also being carried out," he added.

Ministry sources had revealed that around 70 percent of the 950,000 hectares of farmland that have been cultivated by small farmers every year in Tigray, are now ploughed and readied for the upcoming rainy season.

About 800,000 quintals of fertilizer and 120,000 quintals of seed have also been distributed in the region.

Ethiopian News Agency