Nation to Enhance Transportation Program that Works with Renewable Energy

June 16/2021(ENA) Ministry of Transportation announced today that it would enhance a transportation program that works with renewable energy in the country.

Speaking at the establishment of a high-level national facilitation committee for "Electricity Mobility Program," Transportation Minister Dagmawit Moges said electricity transportation system that operates with renewable energy is one of the key programs included in the 10-year master plan of the transportation sector.

According to her, the electricity transportation system will be realized in the country using the untapped potential of energy resources in the country.

The program will emphasize on manufacturing of electric vehicles in Ethiopia and it would put massive transport purposed vehicles to provide short range mode transportation in the country, she elaborated.

Dagmawit added that the program will introduce an extensive study on the nature and alternative of possible charging infrastructure in the country.

The realization of electricity mobility program requires cooperation of several ministries, institution, and the private sector, it was pointed out.

The established committee includes ministries of trade and industry, water, irrigation and energy, other government institution, and a representative of the private sector.

The committee will identify the potential challenges and propose possible solutions to lay a foundation for large-scale adoption of electric mobility in Ethiopia, it was learned.

Ethiopian News Agency