Ethiopia-US Investment Forum Held


June 11/2021(ENA)  Embassy of Ethiopia in Washington DC hosted a virtual business forum on the theme of "The United States and Ethiopia Business and Investment Opportunities".

According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the session was organized in collaboration with the Houston International Trade Center and Ethiopia’s Honorary Consul in Houston, Texas.

Speaking on the forum, Ethiopian Ambassador to the US Fitsum  Arega briefed the participants on the various business and investment opportunities for American companies.

He particularly mentioned Ethiopia's wide-ranging economic reform and liberalization measures, the historic telecom liberalization initiative, and the ten-year national development plan that has been recently adopted.

Fitsum also spoke about the abundant investment opportunities available for U.S. companies in various sectors in Ethiopia such as agriculture, manufacturing, tourism development, ICT, energy, and mining.

According to him, government is committed to supporting the private sector.

The all-around efforts undertaken by the government of Ethiopia in addressing the humanitarian and security issues in Tigray and other parts of the country, Ambassador explained.

Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Tibor Nagy, on his part, said that he is Ethio-optimist and expressed the importance of enhancing economic relations between Ethiopia and the United States.

He also mentioned his strong confidence that Ethiopia will come out of the current challenges and continue being a key economic and security ally to the United States.

Ambassador Fitsum responded to questions raised by participants of the program.

Ethiopian News Agency