Foreign Powers urged to Keep their Hands Off Ethiopia


May 21/2021(ENA) History shows that Ethiopians have always acted together and say no to external meddling regardless of internal differences, a member of the "Hands off Ethiopia" group organizer said.

Hands off Ethiopia group member, Zeleke Gessese said today's movement is "targeted to show solidarity, independence, and sovereignty which should be maintained and respected.”

That is why Ethiopians say hands off Ethiopia, he noted.

Ethiopians have never compromised the interest of the nation, Zeleke pointed out, adding that  “our history shows that when it comes to foreign influence Ethiopians always act together and say no to external meddling, although we have differences in this transitional time.”

All governments trying to influence and interfere in Ethiopia's internal affairs should keep their hands off Ethiopia, he insisted.

Zeleke further noted that GERD is Adwa for this generation. So, this generation is determined to finance, build and finish it.

“Nobody can stop this. So please cooperate with us as historically we are the most connected people in Africa to the entire world.”

Ethiopian News Agency