China Reiterates Support for AU Led Negotiations on GERD


May 16/2021(ENA) China reiterated its support for the African Union (AU) led negotiations to resolve issues related to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

Deputy Head of Mission in China’s Embassy to Ethiopia, Xie Tian, told ENA that the GERD issue is attracting the attention of the international community and was raised at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

He noted that China is aware of the importance of GERD to Ethiopia’s development, and as a friend of Africa, his country always supported the AU led negotiations to solve African issues by Africans themselves.

“China as a friend to African countries, we are friend to Ethiopia, and we are also friend to Egypt and Sudan. So, we think we are very cognizant with the importance of the dam and we have noted that the significance of this dam for the development of Ethiopia,” Xie said.

Based on the clear reality, the Deputy Head of Mission, said China will always support the AU led negotiations to get lasting solution to the dispute on GERD.

“We support the AU led process of negotiation of this dam…it is the right way to find the solution through negotiations…we also support the principle of African solution for African problems,” he added.

It is to be recalled that China held a firm position at the UNSC arena supporting the AU led process to encourage Africans be able to resolve the issue of GERD.

“AU is a very good platform to handle the issue of GERD. So, we support this issue be handled by the African Union,” he reaffirmed.

China encourages Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt to stay in the negotiation, handle the issue peacefully and reach an agreement acceptable by all parties, he emphasized.

Ethiopian News Agency