Some 136 Investors Applied Projects to Develop Gorgora Tourist Attraction Site


Addis Ababa May 11/2021 (ENA) Some 136 investors with a capital of 360 million to 1 billion Birr have applied to engage in Gorgora tourist attraction site located in Amhara region, according to Gorgora City Municipality.

Gorgora is one of the three 'Dine for Ethiopia' tourist attraction development projects launched last year in August by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

General Manager of the Municipality Amanuel Shigut told ENA that 136 investment projects were selected out of the 200 projects applied for the Municipality.

The Municipality has prepared about 300 hectares of land to be allocated for the identified investors based on their investment nature, feasibility and capital capacity, he added.

Tourism lodges, modern hotels, resorts and agro-processing are some of the projects applied for the investment, he said.

He explained that each investment projects is expected to create thousands of jobs for youth in Gorgora town and surrounding areas.

According to him, the investors are expected to commence construction in next month right after the University of Gondar completed the structural plan for the project area.

The Dine for Ethiopia initiative, launched in August last year, includes Wonchi and Koysha located in Oromia and SNNPs regional states respectively.  

It is to be recalled that 4.2 billion Birr has been raised through the initiative to develop the projects.

Ethiopian News Agency