Kombolcha Customs Branch Earns about 18 Mln USD From Export in 9 Months

Addis Ababa April 6/2021 (ENA) Kombolcha Customs Branch of the Ethiopian Customs Commission announced that it has earned about 18 million USD from agricultural and industrial exports over the past nine months.

Branch’s export goods expert, Endris Hussien told ENA that the branch has planned to earn 34 million USD during the fiscal year and managed to achieve close to 18 million USD in 9 months despite the challenges of COVID-19.

The generated revenue was obtained from over 20.6 million kilograms of agricultural, wood and textile products exported to Indonesia, India, Djibouti, Turkey, Yemen and South Africa.

The export goods were produced in parts of Amhara and Afar regions, it was indicated.

During the last Ethiopian budget year, the branch, located in the norther part of the country, had secured more than 28 million USD from export trade.

Ministry of Trade and Industry disclosed recently that the nation has earned 2.1 billion USD from export in the first eight months of current budget year.

The COVID-19 pandemic and desert locust invasion among other things are believed to have affected agricultural productivity and negatively impacted the export trade.

Ethiopian News Agency