Diaspora Cluster Coordinators Urged to Carry Out Tasks Effectively


Addis Ababa Marech 4/2021 (ENA) Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called on the newly appointed diaspora cluster coordinators abroad to effectively carry out their special assignments in enhancing the participation of the diaspora in the development of the country.

A two-day training to 14 diaspora cluster coordinators that will be assigned to Europe, USA, and  Middle Eastern countries where large number of the Ethiopian Diaspora live was launched today.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Ethiopian Diaspora Agency Director-General Selamawit Dawit said the training is intended to equip them with knowledge about diaspora diplomacy.

She said hard work and efficiency are crucial in this era of ​​digital diplomacy.

Foreign Affairs State Minister Birtukan Ayano said on her part the agency has been carrying out effective activities at its branches at home and abroad.

The state minister stressed the need for providing training for mission coordinators and diplomats in countries where there is a large Ethiopian population in order to carry out more effective activities in civic diplomacy.

Birtukan stated that mobilizing the diaspora to increase their participation in the country's economic and political  activities is a great mission.

A lot of work needs to be done in digital diplomacy, the state minister said, adding that  

“diplomats are expected to work 24 hours not only in their respective countries and continents of assignment, but also collaborate with other missions in different countries and continents.’’

Ethiopian Diaspora Agency and Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized the training in coordination.

Ethiopian News Agency