Nation's Prospective Tourist Destination Encourages Public-Private Partnership: Tourism Ethiopia


Addis Ababa February 27/2021 (ENA) The three prospective tourism destinations to be constructed with funds raised by Dine for Ethiopia project would encourage public-private partnership, according to Tourism Ethiopia.

The projects to be built around Gorgora, Wonchi, and Koysha will one again enhance the collaboration of the public and private sectors as witnessed in the Dine for Sheger projects that lifted the face of the capital city and promoted tourism.

Tourism Ethiopia believes that the projects have a number of advantages to the development of tourism sector besides creating more jobs and increasing tourist flow.

Tourism Destination Development Director, Musa Kedir said the private sector will have ample space to invest in the sights at they will be fully open for investment.

“This is like our industrial parks. The parks are constructed by the government, but it’s the private sector that will offer services for the tourists. And I think this will be the best way that the public and private sector can partner.”

He underscored that the projects will be models of collaboration on how the private sector and the government can work together.

According to the director, the exact number of people that are going to directly benefit from job opportunities in the projects will be identified soon.

“What we can say at this stage is that the new projects will create jobs for women and the youth. For instance, there will be a number of cafeterias, restaurants and other service giving areas as these kinds of projects will have massive scope when compared with the existing tourist destinations.”

Secretary-General of the Ethiopian Tourist Guide Professionals Association, Abel Tsegaye said on his part that the tourist destinations will have great role in strengthening tour guiding  profession .

Tourist guiding “will have great role at national level because the projects will highly create  more jobs and reduce unemployment as well as generate foreign currency.”

Ethiopian News Agency