US Embassy Team Visits Geothermal Operations Site in Oromia Region

Addis Ababa February 23/2021 (ENA) The United States Embassy team in Addis Ababa has visited today Tulu Moye Geothermal Operations power plant site in Arsi Zone, Oromia Regional State.

The visit aimed to observe progress on drilling operations, according to US Embassy in Addis Ababa.

Tulu Moye Geothermal Operations has successfully facilitated agreements with the Government of Ethiopia with the support from the American people to secure private investments.

With an estimated generation capacity of 150 megawatt, the operations will be completed with two phases that the first phase is expected to be finalized in early 2023 and to generate 50 mega watts.

While, phase two operations projected to be completed by 2025 to generate additional 100 megawatt.

Tulu Moye Geothermal Operations project is one the first independent power projects of Ethiopia with a total investment of 800 million USD.

Ethiopian News Agency