Nation Issues Quality Standards to 11,487 Domestic Products, Services

Addis Ababa, February 20/2021(ENA) Quality standards have been granted to 11,487 goods and services produced in Ethiopia in a bid to enhance domestic consumption and export trade, according to Ethiopian Standard Agency.

Director General of the Agency, Endalew Mekonen told ENA that some 285 products and services are certified for their quality standard within six months of this Ethiopian budget year, out of which 256 are compulsory standards.

The compulsory standards include products and services related to public health and safety, agricultural products, construction, food and drinks as well as medicines, the director-general pointed out.

The agency is working with pertinent bodies in the health sector to modernize the quality of health services in the country, he said adding that so far 70 heath service quality standards have been issued and preparations are underway to implement them.  

According to him, the agency issued quality standards to the goods and services, after a thorough inspection and evaluation processes that are in conformity with the international quality standard measurement and procedures.

He said the government has been taking measures focusing on research and development activities in order to tackle quality standard related challenges in the country.

In this regard, the agency has been establishing a state-of-the-art academy with an outlay of 300 million birr in Addis Ababa, Endalew said.

The construction of the academy will be completed soon to undertake research and studies aimed at enhancing the overall inspection and evaluation capacity of the country to ensure quality standards of domestic products and services, he added.

The academy is also expected to engage Universities, research institutions manufacturers, policy makers and other stakeholders in its activities.

It also aspires to establish work relationships with other African countries with a view to share knowledge in the development of quality standards.

Ethiopian News Agency