Ethiopia Urges Sudan to Stop Plundering, Displacing Ethiopian Citizens

Addis Ababa February 13/2021 (ENA) Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the government of Sudan to stop plundering and displacing Ethiopian citizens that it has started as of November 6 while the Ethiopian government was busy enforcing law and order in Tigray.

The Spokesperson of the ministry, Ambassador Dina Mufti made the call today at a virtual briefing he gave to 16 local and international media outlets based in South Sudan regarding the current situation in Ethiopia.

The video press briefing was organized by Ethiopian Embassy in South Sudan with a view to clarify foggy issues over the Ethiopia-Sudan border dispute, the GERD negotiations, and the situations in the Tigray Regional State.

Ambassador Dina told the media during the briefing that the ongoing belligerence exhibited by the Sudanese army against Ethiopia would benefit neither the people of Sudan nor reflect the longstanding relationships that existed between the people of the two countries.

Appreciating all who have offered to mediate the two countries, including South Sudan, Ambassador Dina said the two countries can amicably solve the dispute through existing mechanisms once the Sudanese army evacuates the area that it has forcefully occupied.

He called on the government of Sudan to respect international law and abide by the provisions of the 1972 Exchange of Notes between the two countries to maintain the status quo is until an amicable solution is reached between the two countries.

Regarding the GERD negotiations, the observed hiccups by the Sudanese side, particularly over the issue of the dam’s safety is a pretext to hide the real motives that may only benefit third parties, standing against the interests of the people of Sudan who are waiting to reap the scientifically-proven benefits of the dam.

According to him, the border dispute has been there for a century and it has got nothing to do either with the construction of the dam or the ongoing negotiations over the GERD.

ambassador Dina also clarified some issues about the law enforcement operation in Tigray Regional State , which suffer from disinformation campaigns by some members of the international community and international media outlets.

In this regard, the ambassador underscored  the operation was effectively completed and now the government of Ethiopia is busy rehabilitating and reconstructing destroyed infrastructures by the reckless TPLF clique.

Moreover, the number of international agencies who get access to provide aid relief in the region is increasing on daily basis and the federal government, as well as the Interim government in Tigray, are closely working with them to deliver food and non-food items to people who need assistance in this regard.

Ethiopian News Agency