Agency Preparing Investment Package for Diaspora with Medium, Low Investment Capacity


Addis Ababa , February 11 /2021 ( ENA) Ethiopian Diaspora Agency announced that it is preparing an investment package for the diaspora with medium and low investment capacity.

At the conclusion of a consultative forum that discussed investment alternatives for Ethiopians coming from abroad with medium or low amount of investment assets today, Agency Director-General Selamawit Yohannes said the agency has identified that investment contribution of diasporas coming from Africa and the Middle East has been limited for years.

“There is in fact a gap of investment alternatives that can lead the diaspora with low and middle income to invest in their country,” she added.

Due to this, the director-general noted a number of Ethiopians coming from the Middle East and Africa fail to succeed in investing their money in profitable investment areas.

Selamawit revealed that the package the agency is preparing includes investment alternatives with minimum amount of money, capacity building through training, and ease in doing business for the diaspora, among others.

Attending the forum was also one of the stakeholders of the agency, Small and Medium Scale Manufacturing Industries Promotion Authority.

Deputy Director-General of the authority, Daniel Olani said the manufacturing sector is one of the massive areas of investment opportunity for diasporas with minimum amount of startup capital.

The authority, in collaboration with the diaspora agency, has identified a number of investment areas for the diaspora, and will help them to easily cope up with manufacturing investment opportunities.

The deputy director-general stated that tourism and agriculture are among the areas of investment identified by the study of the Diaspora agency, in addition to small and medium scale manufacturing industries.

Ethiopian News Agency