MoR Surpasses its Half-Year Revenue Collection over 149 Billion Birr


Addis Ababa, February 1/2021(ENA) Ministry of Revenues (MoR) surpassed its half-year revenue collection target by 146.9 billion Birr after it secured 149.2 billion Birr over the last six months of this Ethiopian fiscal year.

In Social Media notice, Minister of Revenues Laqe Ayalew revealed that 17 percent rise in taxes collected compared to same period last fiscal year, up from a target of 146.9 billion Birr.

According to the Minister, 93.34 billion Birr was collected from domestic revenue, 55.75 billion birr from export taxes and 130.02 million birr from lottery net income.

He noted that the country is in the throes of a COVID-19 pandemic and income has not been collected from both revenue and customs branches in Tigray Regional State due to law enforcement operation for three months.

However, he said, the performance is very laudable in light of the current challenges in the country. 

The success was due to the fact that most taxpayers paid their taxes on time, he added.

The Minister also commended the diligent commitment of the Ministry of Revenues, Customs Commission and the National Lottery leadership and staffs in providing strong support and monitoring, as well as the relentless cooperation of partners.

Ethiopian News Agency