Committee Urges Commission to Improve Irrigation Projects Performance

Addis Ababa, January 25/2021(ENA) Natural Resources, Irrigation and Energy Affairs Standing Committee urged the Irrigation Development Commission to improve the performance of irrigation projects through identifying major constraints in the sector.

Three institutions that are accountable for the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy presented their half-year report to Natural Resources, Irrigation and Energy Affairs Standing Committee of the House of Peoples’ Representatives on Monday.

The standing committee reviewed and gave feedback on the performance reports of Water Development Commission, Irrigation Development Commission and Basin Development Authority.

Chairperson of the Standing Committee, Fetiya Yesuf said many irrigation projects being built have low performance.

Megech, Arjo-Dedesa, Zarema-Mayday dam construction projects are among the other projects in low performance, she stated.

Fetiya and member of the standing committee raised questions as regards what the institution has been doing to overcome the constraints.

She insisted on the Irrigation Development Commission to enhance the performance of the irrigation projects in a move to bring lasting solution for the existing constraints in the sector.

The chairperson also called on the commission to work closely with stakeholders, including regional states to monitor and improve its performance effectively.

Moreover, Fetiya underscored the commission to address issues pertinent to compensation as reimbursement remains one of the main constraints on the effective performance of the projects.   

Responding to the questions raised by the standing committee, Commissioner Wondimu Tekle said the commission is trying to address the existing constraints in collaboration with stakeholders.

The commission will also work to improve its performance and complete the projects in the next six months.

Similarly, the standing committee urged the Water Development Commission to intensify its efforts to achieve potable water throughout the country in the coming ten years.

Stating the commission's plan to increase access to potable water from the current 55 percent to 100 percent, the commission should reinforce its coordination and overcome the problems faced in projects execution.

Finally, the standing committee gave feedback on the performance of Basin Development Authority and pushed for the authority to fight against water hyacinth and protects water resources.

Ethiopian News Agency