Ethiopia, Djibouti Keen to Further Enhance Bilateral Ties on Agriculture

Addis Ababa January 18/2021 (ENA) Ethiopia and Djibouti are keen to further strengthen their bilateral ties on agriculture sector, according to Ethiopian Embassy in Djibouti.

As part of the three days official visit to Djibouti, the delegation led by Minister of Agriculture, Oumer Hussien held talks with Djibouti’s Minister of Transport and Equipment, Moussa Mohamed Ahmed  on behalf of the Minister of Agriculture.

The two sides discussed on ways of further enhancing areas of cooperation in agriculture sector.

Appreciating the ever growing ties of the countries on the sector, they called for the need to map out new areas of cooperation such as in agro-pastoral and greenery.

Ethio-Djibouti cross border water projects, seedlings of trees, imports of fruits and vegetables among others were also the subjects raised during the discussion.

Djibouti is one of the major importers of fruits and vegetables from Ethiopia, it was learned. 

Ethiopian News Agency