Junta Military Leaders Killed, Senior Civilian Leaders Arrested


Addis Ababa January 11/2020 (ENA) Senior junta military leaders that had attacked the national defense force with a view to dismember the country have been killed, according to Ethiopian National Defense Force.

National Defense Force Deployment Head, Brigadier General Tesfaye Ayalew told ENA that action was taken against the treasonous generals, high ranking officers, line officers and their bodyguards who had defected from the army and fought along with the junta.

The head added that the joint forces of the Defense Force, Federal Police and National Intelligence and Security have intensified the operation to track down the deserters.

Brigadier General Tesfaye Ayalew disclosed that seven junta civilian leaders, including the former chief administrator and deputy chief administrator as well as senior officers who defected to the junta have also been arrested.  

Accordingly, action was taken on the following.

1. Major-General Ibrahim Abduljelil — Former National Defense Force Logistics Head and later Logistics Head of the junta.

2. Brigadier-General Gebrekidan Gebremariam — Retired National Defense Force Indoctrination Head who joined the junta after retirement. 

3. Ten senior officers.

4. Two line officers.

5. A former deputy regional commissioner who defected from the police and joined the junta.

In addition, the following prominent leaders of the junta have been arrested.

1. Abay Woldu — Former Chief Administrator of Tigray

2. Dr. Abraham Tekeste — Former Deputy Chief Administrator of the region

3. Dr. Redai Berhe — Regional Audit Office Head

4. Dr. Mulugeta Yirga — Former Head of Regional Statistics Agency

5. Okubay Berhe — Former Head of Religious Affairs

6. Getachew Teferi — Former Chief Administrator’s Office, Peace and Security Head

7. Kiros Hagos — Former Regional Social Affairs Head

 Brigadier General Tesfaye said two senior officers, namely Colonel Gebre-Egziabher Ambaye and Colonel Tirfwa Assefa, who defected from the defense and joined the junta were also arrested.

Ethiopian News Agency