Captured TPLF Junta Mastermind Sibhat, Eight Other Top Leaders Arrive in Addis Ababa


Addis Ababa January 9/2021 (ENA) The mastermind behind the distractive strategy of the TPLF Junta Sebhat Nega, and other eight leaders of the group who had been captured arrived in Addis Ababa on Saturday, according to Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF).

It is to be recalled that ENDF announced on Friday that the mastermind behind the strategy that created havoc during the last 27 years in Ethiopia and finally opened bloody war by massacring the army, Sebhat Nega, and other leaders of the TPLF Junta have been captured.

According to ENDF, Sebhat was captured hiding in a ravine extremely difficult to reach and members of the destructive force carried him into the deep and narrow gorge with steep sides.

Along with the junta leader were also arrested former members of the national defense force who betrayed the army and had been training the fighters of the junta and taking part in combat along with them, it was indicated. 

Those guarding the junta leadership had also been destroyed.

Accordingly, the following are the detained TPLF top leaders who have arrived in Addis Ababa today:

1. Sebhat Nega − Mastermind behind the destructive strategy and the junta’s top leader.

2. Kidusan Nega Former Speaker of the Tigray Region State Council

3. Tewodros Hagos − Former President of Meles Leadership Academy and Head of the EFFORT Board 

4. Abadi Zemu –Former Ethiopian Ambassador to Sudan and a member of the TPLF  Junta political wing 

5. Dr. Solomon Kidane –  Former Head of the Tigray Regional State Urban Development Bureau and Head of the Addis Ababa City Administration Transport Bureau 

6. Gebremedhin Tewolde – Former Head of the regional Trade Bureau 

7. Woldegiorgis Desta–Former Head of the regional Road Transport Bureau. 

8. Teklewoyni Assefa– Former  CEO of Relief Society of Tigray

9. Mihret Teklay, Former Legal Advisor to Regional State Council

Head of the Western Command of ENDF, Major General Mesele Meseret told ENA that the gallant Ethiopian defense force has been registering victorious accomplishment within dire situation and added that the army has now continued its activities to hunting down members of the cliques.  

Head of the 24th Brigade, Colonel Amare Beata on his part said that the successful operation being conducted to hunt down the TPLF Junta demonstrates the fact that the people of Tigray don’t support the TPLF Junta.

Ethiopian News Agency