House Discussing to Enrich 10-year Nat’l Dev’t Plan


Addis Ababa December 28/2020 (ENA)  The House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) is discussing on a Ten-Year National Development Plan today.

This 10-year national development plan, prepared by Planning and Development Commission, envisions playing paramount role in sustaining the fast economic growth.

Speaking at the opening of two-day workshop, Planning and Development Commissioner, Fitsum Assefa said stakeholders are involved in the preparation of the national development plan two years ago.

Thus, the commissioner pointed out that over 100 local and international experts took part in preparing the plan on the top of pertinent public and private stakeholders.

Moreover, Fitsum stated some 12 different studies from various countries, particularly from Asian countries were taken to enrich the development plan.

HPR House Speaker, Tagesse Chafo said on his part that the plan will be instrumental in enabling Ethiopia to explore its untapped potential and unleash them.

Appreciating the efforts by the government to involve relevant stakeholders, Tagesse urged all stakeholders to discharge their due responsibility in making the development plan a success.

Ethiopia is reinforcing its efforts to become an ‘African Beacon of Prosperity’ through bringing economic growth, increase production competitiveness, building resilient economy.

Ethiopian News Agency