Airbus Awards Ethiopian for Unique Agility, Resilience

December 16/2020 (ENA) Airbus has awarded Ethiopian Airlines for its unique agility and resilience amid COVID-19. 

Airbus Vice President Sales Africa and Levant Customer Affairs, Hadi Akoum handed over the award to Ethiopian CEO Tewolde Gebremariam today.

He expressed the admiration of Airbus for the unbelievable achievement of Ethiopian Airlines during the unprecedented pandemic.

“While other airlines were trying to figure out what to do, Ethiopian Airlines was moving ahead finding and creating solution, converting the passenger aircraft to freighters,” Akoum noted.

Ethiopian Airlines is able to maintain the operation of all its fleets where others are hardly at 10 percent of their capability and many airlines have just simply gone bankrupt, he said.

The Vice President pointed out, “This is something unique all over the world.”  

Ethiopian News Agency