Gov’t Provides All Supports to Rebuild, Reestablish Tigray Regional State: PM Abiy

Mekele, December 14/2020( ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said the government will provide every necessary support to rebuild and Reestablish the Tigray Regional State. 

The Premier held talks with leaders of the Interim Administration of Tigray Regional State in Mekelle City on Sunday. 

During the discussion, Abiy said that the interim administration is working hard to rebuild the various infrastructures that were disrupted by the TPLF junta.

Commending the efforts being made by the interim administration to re-establish the regional state, Abiy urged the leaders to courageously tackle the challenges that they might encounter in the course of their undertakings.    

The federal government is trying its level best to support the region in all areas by allocating budgets to key sectors including health care, infrastructure and agriculture, the premier stated.

The premier reaffirmed his government's support for the encouraging job being done by the interim administration. 

The government will work to liberate the people of Tigray from the tyranny of the junta and enable them beneficial of the overall development activities, democracy and good governance of the country, Abiy added. 

According to the Premier, every effort will be made to repatriate refugees that fled the country due to the belligerent activities of the TPLF Junta.  

He also said the government has made adequate preparations to support and rehabilitate those displaced in the region due to the crisis.

The people of Tigray should condemn the atrocities committed by the junta, Abiy urged and pointed out that the people have the right to elect a government that they believe is appropriate for their region.

The Chief Executive Officer of Tigray Interim Administration, Dr. Mulu Nega on his part said the law enforcement operation has helped the people of Tigray to be liberated from the dictatorial system of the junta.   

The people are now freely electing their governing body of the interim administration; he explained adding that the formation of the state is also in progress with the participation of opposition party leaders.

Tigray Prosperity Party high ranking official, Dr. Abraham Belay said rebuilding infrastructures destroyed by the junta are being underway and resuming services. 

Humanitarian assistances including medical supplies have also been distributed to the people, he added.

The people of Tigray are now electing their interim administrators in different parts of the region, it was learned.  

Ethiopian News Agency