Ethiopian Peacekeeping Mission Continues As Usual: Lt. Gen. Desta Abiche


Addis Ababa December 11/2020 (ENA) Ethiopia is carrying out its peacekeeping missions as usual, Head of the Defense Peacekeeping Center said.

Lieutenant General Desta dismissed rumors that the Ethiopian peacekeeping force is divided as baseless and fabricated by some agents of the junta.

Ethiopia is maintaining its peacekeeping role under the umbrella of AMISOM in Somalia, Sudan, and South Sudan under the umbrella of United Nations Interim Security Forces in Abyei.

Some 11,000 peace keepers have been deployed in South Sudan, Juba, to undertake its peacekeeping mission in the region, the head added. 

With regard to the current situation in Ethiopia, Lt. Gen. Desta told ENA that the TPLF junta's attack on the Northern Command was inhumane and defended the government's law enforcement operation as crucial to its existence.

He also said peacekeepers abroad were briefed about the situation, following the launch of the operation by National Defense Force. 

Lt. Gen. Desta disclosed that members of the armed forces carrying out peacekeeping operations in all fronts have condemned the incident and praised the measure taken by the government. 

The army has continued its normal peacekeeping mission without hindrance, he added. 

He stressed that the rumor spread by agents of the junta about division in the peace keeping force is baseless.

According to Lt. Gen. Desta, the peacekeeping mission which is the symbol of Ethiopia will be further consolidated.

The head underscored that the National Defense Force is not an army of any party but a force that stands for the people and the country till death.

Ethiopian News Agency