Chief Regional Administrators Pledge to Support Exporters


Addis Ababa December 7/2020 (ENA) Chief Regional Administrators of Oromia, Amhara and Sidama states have expressed their commitment to provide all the necessary support for investors engaged in export business.

The officials made the pledges at a half-day workshop held today to deliberate on ways of encouraging investors to boost export.

Chief Administrators of Oromia, Amhara, Somali, Sidama, Gambella, Southern Nations and Nationalities regional states and high federal government officials attended the meeting.

Oromia Regional State Chief Administrator, Shimelis Abdissa said revising the policy and strategy on manufacturing is crucial to bring a fundamental change in the sector.

Yet, the region has been working attentively to diversify export products and boost quality and quantity.

“If we do not improve our performance in the export market, we will not be able to go beyond food self-sufficiency in the end. This is going to be a big challenge as we achieve what we want as a nation and community,” he added.

Amhara Regional State Chief Administrator, Agegnehu Teshager said illegal trade and contraband have been hugely affecting the export sector.

Also, “we have to ask ourselves whether we can really provide the full range of provision of land for exporters, in addition to incentives from the federal government. There is work to be done to support exporters and I understand that we need to keep strengthening it,” he pointed out.

Sidama Regional State Chief Administrator, Desta Ledemo said facilitating infrastructural development and providing finance are critical in supporting exporters.

“There are industries that lack power. In order to solve these shortcomings by expanding utility or power, we need to work together to identify the problems and work together to find a solution in the short term. I think these things will contribute to increase our industrial productivity and boost foreign trade. We will work on what we have not yet done before and  fill the gaps.”

Trade and Industry Minister, Melaku Alebel noted that Ethiopia has earned 1.1 billion USD from export in the last four months.  

Even if the performance is encouraging, the revenue is low when compared to the country’s huge agricultural, industrial and mining potentials, the minister noted.

The low performance of export is mainly associated with low quality and quantity of export products in addition to structural, policy and implementation problems.

Therefore, the workshop was designed to carry out activities that are proportionate with the overall benefits of export to the country and get the attention of leadership, it was learned.

Ethiopian News Agency