Nat'l Defense Force Takes Full Control of Mekelle City


Addis Ababa, November 28/2020 (ENA)The National Defense Force Chief of Staff, General Birhanu Jula has disclosed this evening that the Defense force has taken full control of Mekele City. 

General Birhanu thanked the people of Tigray for their support they have showed to the National Defense Forces.

In a press conference he gave this evening, General Birhanu said the army was carrying out a courageous law enforcement operation following the attack orchestrated by the extremist TPLF group on the Northern Command of the National Defense Forces.

The National Defense Force has freed more than 7,000 members of the Northern Command who were taken as hostages by the extremist TPLF group, he added.  

It has also taken control of the Northern Command Center in Mekelle, Birhanu underscored.

Though the TPLF Junta has armed the people of Tigray to attack the National Defense Force, the reality on the ground was the contrary he said adding the people of Tigray showed their  loyalty to the army by handing over their weapons.   

According to Birhanu, the national Defense force was able to control the city easily for the inhabitants of Mekelle have fully implemented the instructions forwarded to them by the army.

Noting that the "victory is a great blessing for the people of Tigray," he affirmed that the people of Tigray will be free from the tyranny of the extremist group and get relief from its oppressive structures.

The government will continue with its law enforcement operation to bring to justice members of the TPLF Junta, he stated.

He also called on the people of Tigray to continue its support to effectively realize the ongoing operation.

Ethiopian News Agency