Government Won’t Negotiate with Criminals, Says Ethiopian Ruling Party


Addis Ababa, November 21/2020(ENA) The ruling party, Prosperity Party, said today that the Ethiopian Government will not negotiate with the TPLF junta gangsters.

In a statement issued by the party under the title the “ Government won't negotiate with criminals”, the party said the propaganda being disseminated to reverse the  action the government has been taking is unacceptable by all standards.

The National Defense Force will push with its victorious march to ensure the rule of law. Reversing this march by spreading propaganda is impossible and evil act which would strengthen the power and determination of the government, it added.

The government will continue marching forward till proportionate legal measure is taken against the destructive force hiding in Tigray.

“Ethiopia would not be a hideout for bandits and barbarians,” the statement noted, adding that  it will demonstrate this to the people by bringing the perpetrators of the crime against the National Defense Force to justice. 

Therefore, the fake news disseminated on the social media that the Government of Ethiopia is going to start negotiations is only the whim of individuals as the government will not sit with criminals to negotiate, the party stressed.

The people of Ethiopia have been expressing support for the National Defense Force that has been paying sacrifice in different directions.

“Therefore, the nations, nationalities and peoples of our country must stand alongside the government until the impediments for our unity and peace of the country are removed we transform our country,” the party underscored.

Ethiopian News Agency